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What's That Song: 3OH!3

The pranksters of pop are back and happily took the challenge of playing What's That Song with We were impressed with their vast musical knowledge and must admit, they nearly made us shart, Al Roker style, with their jokes. While we went into it aware of Sean Foreman's penchant for introspective indie rock, we had no idea that Nathaniel Motte had such strong feelings about Guns 'N Roses.



Spice Girls "Wanna Be"

Amazingly, they couldn't quite name that song -- they knew the artist but the actual track name was hard to pin down. A shock from these self-proclaimed '90s experts. It took a lot of singing and guessing just to…never accurately guess the name and then insist the experts are wrong! Bold choices guys.

Daft Punk "Better Faster Stronger"

"I love Daft Punk," Motte said. "Daft Punk [are] one of my favorite artists ever. They're great musicians. They did so much for electronic music and they continue to."

In fairness, Motte also chalked his affection for the group up to their shared national heritage as Frenchmen.

Flo Rida "Whistel"

We were thrilled to discover the guys had no idea this song might contain any double entendre. So innocent!

"It makes me feel like we have a song that has a whistle in it," Foreman rightly noted. "And he probably heard it and was like, 'This is awesome, let's whistle in a song.'"

No comment from Flo Rida's camp to date.

Guns 'N Roses "Paradise City"

"I can't stand Guns 'N Roses," Motte said while rolling his eyes (in pain, we assume). "I hate Guns 'N Roses. I don't even know what…I don't want to know what that song is."

It seems Motte has suffered some personal trauma at the hands of GNR fans. "That reminds me of a bunch of jock dudes beating me up in college."


Aqua "Barbie Girl"

This was when the truth came out.

"Honestly these tracks, especially the Spice Girls and Aqua, are very easy for me to identify because I'm kind of a '90s DJ," said Foreman.

"Kind of a big deal in the '90s DJ set circuit," Motte confirmed.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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