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What's Cooking on 1060: Ambler Farmer's Market, and Cinco de Mayo!


By Hadas Kuznits


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The community of Ambler (Montgomery County), Pa. gets a new farmer's market, beginning this Saturday, May 4th.

Steve Waxman of Trax Restaurant and Café in Ambler (top photo) was one of the organizers of the market, which will be held in the parking lot of his restaurant.

"It'll be on the corner of Maple and Butler, as close as you can get right to the street," he tells What's Cooking.  "There should be six to seven vendors with tents set up.   They'll start at 9 in the morning and go until 1 in the afternoon, every Saturday."

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Ambler Farmer's Market


Xochitl Restaurant, on Headhouse Square, is getting ready to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

"A lot of people think it's Mexican independence day; Mexican Independence Day is actually on September 16th," says owner Peter Leontaras (below).  "Cinco De Mayo is obviously on May 5th.  Cinco De Mayo represents a battle that was between Mexico and France.  The Mexican troops were outnumbered and Mexico defeated them."

leontaras_peter _hadas
(Peter Leontaras. Credit: Hadas Kuznits)


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Cinco de Mayo


And Brian Sirhal, co-owner of Feliz restaurants (in Fort Washington and Fairmount), gives us a Cinco De Mayo tequila lesson:

"The blanco is the white or silver tequila.  The repasado means 'rested' -- that's a tequila that's aged in an oak barrel.   And then in añejo tequilas, which are roughly aged almost three years, (you see) almost a brownish color in the same way that you would in a bourbon or a scotch."

sirhal_brian feliz _prov
(Brian Sirhal. Photo provided)


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Tequila 101




And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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