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What's Cooking on 1060: A Taste Of Philly Wine Week

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia's 4th annual Philly Wine Week kicks off later this month. So what's in store for local wine enthusiasts?

Philly Wine Week takes place March 19th through the 26th.

"Philly Wine Week is an 8-day festival and celebration of all things wine in the city of brotherly love," said Wine Week founder Kate Maroney-Miller.

Miller explains what's unique at restaurants during Philly Wine Week.

"Everyone that participates in Wine Week has a wine list year-round. Then, they go above and beyond those eight days and they come up with fun, cool specials, great value-driven events bringing in guest somaliers, bringing in wine makers."

From happy hours, to wine tastings, there will be special wine events taking place all around town.

"Each participating restaurant, they are going to host anywhere from one to 10 events throughout the course of the week; so when we're talking about 70 restaurants each hosting a bunch of events, we're looking at over a couple of hundred events over the course of those eight days."

The week will kick off with an opening corks part at the Academy of Natural Sciences:

"What's more fun than hanging out with some dinosaurs and drinking wine?"


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