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Turnouts Not Expected To Be High For Primary Voting In Pennsylvania

BY KYW Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Today is decision day for the voters of Pennsylvania.

Turnouts will be low, maybe 15% to 20% in the suburbs, 30% in the city.

Some counties have commissioner races, and there are lots of school board contests and a huge ballot for City Council in Philadelphia.

The marquee race is the Democratic Mayoral Primary. By alphabetical order, the candidates are former tough talking District Attorney Lynne Abraham, pioneering judge Nelson Diaz, ex city councilman Jim Kenney, former PGW spokesman Doug Oliver, one-time state Senator Milton Street, and current state Senator Anthony Hardy Williams.

Two things stand out about this campaign: Lots of debates and few defining issues, with the exception of the future of education in Philadelphia.

On the GOP side, there's already a winner: Melissa Murray Bailey, whose party is outnumbered seven to one.

Also a standout race – three vacancies on the PA Supreme Court.

The polls close at 8pm.

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