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Top Baseball Fields In Philadelphia

Baseball has been coined as America's past time, and it is a simple game enjoyed by people of all ages. You may enjoy being part of a local league, or maybe you just like to play (or watch) the game with your friends and family. The city of Philadelphia has over 63 parks, and some of them have sports fields and baseball diamonds for you to enjoy a game of baseball. There are parks across the city to cover different neighborhoods, and each has a varying amount of amenities to serve both baseball lovers and supporters. Here are the top five places to play baseball in Philly.

Schuylkill River Park
2500 Lombard St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Schuylkill River Park has baseball fields, as well as other sports courts (basketball, tennis). The park itself is vast and full of numerous outdoor options. There is an abundance of both scenery and paved areas for those who want to bike or rollerblade. The park trail is 60 miles long and is currently being expanded. There is also a leash free dog park and children's playgrounds. During the summer, many sunbathers enjoy the quiet of this area because of its size; it never feels crowded despite its popularity.

Fairmount Park
4231 N Concourse Drive
Philadelphia PA 19102

Fairmount Park is a favorite for the many options you have while there, the upkeep and the natural beauty of the park. You will find baseball diamonds to play a full game of baseball. Also if you get hungry, you have access to the barbecues. If you are making it a family day or event, there are other things to enjoy here besides baseball or sporting, such as the Shofuso house that was built in Japan and moved to Philly. This Japanese house and gardens are open for education, tours and rent from April-October.

Gorgas Park
6400 Ridge Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Gorgas Park in the Roxborough area is a very popular and beloved park because of how well maintained it is by both residents and the parks department, and all of the many options for residents. Gorgas is very clean and describe as a 1950s style little league. There are fields to play baseball, and you will also find people enjoying softball, wiffle ball and any kind of pickup game.  During the warmer weather months, there are usually additional events and activities here such as farmers markets and concerts.

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FDR Park
1500 Pattison Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19145

FDR Park is another park that offers many different kinds of fun for different people, besides just baseball. The park is located in the southern area of the city to serve residents of South Philly. You can enjoy baseball here; there are eight ball fields, so you have plenty of options. The wide variety of things to enjoy includes fishing. There is a golf course as well, and for people who love history, the Swedish Museum is available on site in the park limits.

Penn Park
University City
300 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19104

Penn Park is owned and maintained by the University of Penn. The park is known to typically be clean and in good condition. The park is free to use (however the parking lot is not), and there are numerous sports fields here to enjoy, including soccer and a full baseball field. If you also enjoy other sports, there are tennis courts as well. This park is very accessible for people in University City and is well appointed with its grassy fields.

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Christina Dagnelli is a freelance writer in Philadelphia and the author of Little Squares with Colors: A Different way to look at autism. Her work on examiner can be found here

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