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Tinder Survey: Online Daters Quicker To Fall In Love

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A national survey conducted by Tinder finds that those who casually date people they find physically attractive online are more likely to fall in love than waiting for that "perfect" someone.

According to, the dating website surveyed over 9,000 millennials who date online and compared them with those who don't partake in online dating and users of other dating websites.

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Tinder says that the survey shows that millennials want to connect with a partner right away, and that young people don't "have the time or energy" to date offline. reports that the survey shows that 35 percent of Tinder users are more likely to say "I love you" within the first three months of dating, compared to 30 percent of offline daters who say the same.

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Only 9 percent of male Tinder users said it was "challenging to commit," while the number skyrocketed to 30 percent for offline ones.

The survey also reveals that 63 percent of online daters go on two dates a week, while only 53 percent of offline daters do.

Twenty percent of offline daters wait up to two months to ask someone out.

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