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The Dom Giordano Show: Cliff Maloney Jr., Dr. Sebastian Gorka & JD Mullane | July 12

9:00-Donald Trump Jr. releases emails with his meeting with a Russian lawyer.

9:35-Joe Scarborugh is leaving the Republican party. 

9:45-Dr. Sebastian Gorka, joined discussing the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer and the ISIS leader, Al-Baghdadi killed in combat.

10:00-Cliff Maloney Jr. from Young Americans for Liberty joined discussing the fight for free speech on campuses.

10:20-NYPD Commissioner shames Black Lives Matter at officer's funeral.

10:35-JD Mullane joined discussing the 4 missing teenagers in Bucks County.

11:00-Senator Rand Paul upset the Republicans no longer stand for repealing Obamacare. 

11:20-Senate plans to vote on health care next week. 

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