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Meet the woman who went viral during Taylor Swift's concert in Philadelphia

Meet the woman who went viral on social media during Taylor Swift's concert in Philadelphia
Meet the woman who went viral on social media during Taylor Swift's concert in Philadelphia 02:14

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --Taylor Swift took to the stage one last time in Philly for her final show at Lincoln Financial Field Sunday night. 

And her fanbase was wishing a Chester County woman a Happy Mother's Day after she went viral for her dedication during Friday's concert.

While Swift sang on stage at Lincoln Financial Field, Maureen Gregory and her daughter were in the audience and Maureen was holding on to 81 pages of lyrics, illuminated by a small reading lamp.  

"I just love the lyrics," Gregory said.   

She might love them, but she didn't know all of them, so she found a solution just hours before the concert on Friday.  


"I'm just gonna print them out," Gregory said. "Eighty-one pages. I took it to Staples." 

Gregory flipped through her packet of lyrics again Sunday while celebrating Mother's Day with her family in Delaware County. 

The 62-year-old's dedication to Swift's music is now going viral across social media. 

Thousands of comments came flooding in, many from fans, calling Gregory "the mom of all Swifities" and wishing her a Happy Mother's Day.   

Fans in line ahead of Sunday's concert agreed.  

"I thought the dedication from the mom is just so nice," Lily Miller said. 

"I thought it was hysterical. I was like, 'Good for her,'" Chobert said. 

We tracked down the 17-year-old who made the drive from Virginia to the Linc, where she documented the experience. She says her video has nearly 4 million views and counting. 

"I just had to get this on video like I just have to show people because I thought it was just too cute not to record," Layanah Ahmed said.  

"I thanked her, and I said it was a labor of love,  so thank you for my 15 minutes of fame," Gregory said. 

But with the fame came some negative comments online.   

"One lady thought I was obnoxious. She's obviously not a Swiftie," Gregory said. "Haters going to hate, hate, hate."

But she says there were far more positive comments.

It was a love for Swift's lyrics captured in time and on paper for millions to see.


Gregory wasn't the only Swift fan to go viral from Swift's Philadelphia shows on the Eras Tour: fan Kelly Inglis received tickets to another Swift show after an incident with a security guard.

Swift later thanked Philadelphia for "the most magical three hometown shows a girl could hope for."

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