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2 People Facing Charges For Murder Of Peter Gerold, Whose Dismembered Body Was Found In U-Haul Truck, Philly Officials Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia authorities say two people will now face murder charges in the case of a body found dismembered earlier this year. Police are drawing up arrest warrants right now on these upgraded charges.

Prosecutors earlier Monday approved counts of murder against two people.

Taray Herring of Northeast Philadelphia, who was already locked up without bail for charges of abuse of a corpse, will now be charged in Peter Gerold's early February murder.

Herring's alleged accomplice is a woman police sources identify to CBS3 as Jeannette Pace, a 43-year-old from Williamstown.

She also faces a murder charge, in addition to a burglary count already filed against her in connection to this case.

Investigators say after killing Gerold, the pair dismembered parts of his body and boiled them in oil.

Those body parts were found at Kelvin Avenue and Proctor Road shortly after Gerold's body was discovered in the back of a U-Haul truck in the city's Somerton section.

Gerold was a massage therapist -- a business he ran out of his home. Neighbors described him as simply "a good guy."

Police say the motive was robbery and that Herring and Pace were trying to get Gerold to give up codes to his cell phone and a safe inside his home.

Efforts to reach attorneys for the pair have so far been unsuccessful.

Police records show Herring has 14 priors, including two cases of aggravated assault.

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