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Students Setback By Parents In Prison

By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - While they haven't broken any rules, 2.7 million American students are already "further along the pipeline to prison" having a parent behind bars.

Incarceration can be more traumatic for a student than even a parent's death, causing damage to health, schooling and relationships and they are at higher risk themselves.

Forty-five percent of children of incarcerated parents are black, 28% are white and 21% are Hispanic with higher rates of attention deficits, speech and language delays than those missing a parent because of death or divorce.

Because most kids feel it has to be a secret, they don't seek help from interventions. The Pain of Prison System (POPS) program at Venice High School in Los Angeles, meets every other Wednesday led by a teacher who has been in their shoes. The US Dream Academy, in eight cities, meets with students after school to deal with emotional and academic needs.

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