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Stigall Show Log 6.4.14

6:01 Tom MacArthur defeated Steve Lonegan in New Jersey's 3rd District Republican primary.

6:04 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett came out against new regulations on carbon emissions by the EPA.

6:19 Troops from Bowe Bergdahl's unit said he deserted his mission in Afghanistan.

7:00 Actor Jonah Hill apologized for slurring a photographer.

7:06 A baker in Colorado was found in violation of the law for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple.

7:20 Chris talks to Columnist Michelle Malkin about a rally she is attending in Harrisburg in support of the Paycheck Protection Act.

8:00 Chris talks to Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine about the race for Governor between Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett and the future of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

8:20 Chris talks to Stephen Moore from the Wall Street Journal about the impact of new EPA regulations on Pennsylvania.

8:35 Chris Welcomes the Piazza Pet of the Week into the studio. If you'd like to adopt a pet, check out

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