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Stigall Show Log 4.23.15

6:00am- The Phillies lost a tough game to the Marlins last night.

6:07am- TMZ interviewed pastors about the Eagles signing Tim Tebow.

6:28am- Ted Cruz will not support Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.

6:36am- What's Trending: Robert Downey Jr. walks out of an interview; The Muppets are returning to TV; David Spade spoofs Brit McHenry; Katy Perry can't trade mark "Left Shark."

6:49am- CBS Meteorologist Katie Fehlinger joins the show to talk about twitter, the term "climate change", and today's weather.

7:00am- Chris Christie made an appearance on the Tonight Show last night.

7:07am- Will Carly Fiorina run for President?

7:18am- Comedian Carly Aquilino stops by the studio to talk 80's music, hecklers, and Girl Code. Carly will be performing at Helium Comedy Club April 23rd-26th.

7:50am- The Clinton Foundation received donations from Uranium One.

8:00am- Ajit Pai, Commissioner of the FCC, calls in to discuss net neutrality.

8:17am- Phillies outfielder Ben Revere checks in to talk about last nights game against the Marlins, Tim Tebow, and The Phantastic Auction.

8:35am- What's Trending: Sandra Bullock has been named most beautiful woman of 2015; Bruce Jenner was spotted wearing a dress; Mila Kunis is being sued for stealing a chicken; The GM for the Arizona Cardinals said he'd draft Hannibal Lecter; Jim Harbaugh called his wife 9 times to get a first date.

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