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Stigall Show Log 3.23.11

5:43 One legged, singing Phillies fan, Sonny Forriest Jr. ran into trouble while attending Spring Training in Clearwater, FL.

5:57 There are disputes among the coalition over the military operations in Libya.

6:11 Contradicitons abound over what the end-game is in Libya.

6:42 Katie Couric may be leaving the CBS Evening News when her contract expires in July.

6:44 Chris learns that drivers in New Jersey don't pump their own gas.

7:00 President Obama says when Brazil fully develops their oil refining, the U.S. will be a leading purchaser.

7:10 Chris talks to New York Times Columnist David Brooks about his book The Social Animal.

7:27 Milton Street has succesfully fended off Mayor Michael Nutter's latest court challenge to get on the ballot for the mayoral primary.

7:42 Nancy Grace argues with a meteorologist over the dangers faced by the west coast from Japanese nuclear fallout.

8:12 Chris talks to CBS News Military Consultant Mike Lyons to try to make some sense about what is happening in Libya.

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