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Stigall Show Log 2.12.13

5:41 President Obama will give his State of the Union Address tonight.

5:47 Vice-President Joe Biden was in Philadelphia discussing gun violence with Mayor Michael Nutter.

5:48 There was a shooting at the Wilmington Court House over a custody dispute.

5:58 President Obama's State of the Union is expected to be aggressive.

6:15 Republicans are trying to fine-tune sequester cuts.

6:46 Talk Show Host Jason Mattera pressed Congressman Jim McDermott over increased healthcare premiums.

6:57 A member of Seal Team Six, who killed Osama Bin Laden faces an uncertain future after leaving the military.

7:11 Chris talks to Maureen Ferguson, of the Catholic Association, about the resignation of Pope Benedict.

7:48 A Washington Post article from last year details the idea of sequester coming from the White House.

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