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Stigall Show Log 11.19.14

6:00-Keystone pipeline bill fails to pass in the Senate.

6:18- Steve Rattner says that Jonathan Gruber was a "guru of Obamacare."

6:35- What's Trending?: the original supermodel says that she was raped by Bill Cosby, Bob Marley's family is coming out with their own brand of marijuana, Chris Hemsworth was named PEOPLE's Sexiest man Alive.

6:47- CBS3's Katie Fehlinger talks with Chris about the oppressive cold today.

7:00- Chris gives away tickets to see the Pope when he comes to Philadelphia next September.

7:18- Joan Tarshis, one of the women that has accused Bill Cosby of raping her, talks with Chris about her experience.

7:36- Chris gauges the response to his interview with Joan Tarshis.

8:00- Chris is joined by Philadelphia Magazine editor Tom McGrath and talks about the rape allegations against Bill Cosby.

8:18- New audio has arisen of President Obama saying that he had "stolen ideas from" Jonathan Gruber.

8:35- What's Trending?: Tracy Morgan is not doing well in his recovery from his accident, Dave Chappelle said that Donald Sterling should have been able to keep the LA Clippers, "Thor" was named the Sexiest Man Alive.

8:47- Clicker, the Piazza Pet of the Week stops by with Chris to try and get a home.

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