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Stigall Show Log 10.24.11

5:41 President Obama announced on Friday that US troops would be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year.

5:55 Weapons from Libya are being smuggled into Egypt.

5:57 The Occupy protesters are now camping out in front of Philadelphia police headquarters to oppose police brutality.

6:15 House Majority Leader Eric Cantor cancelled his appearance at the Wharton Business School on Friday.

6:44 Joe Biden has been caught in some serious lies.

6:57 Michelle Obama learned how to use Twitter over the weekend.

Michelle Obama
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

6:59 Fisker, and electric car manufacturer, recieved a $529 Million government loan only to open an assembly plant in Finland.

7:11 On this week's Monday Morning Matchup, Chris talks to Jeff Roe and Michael Bronstein about the current state of the Romney and Cain campaigns and the troop drawdown in Iraq.

8:41 Chris talks to CBS News Military Analyst Mike Lyons about the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

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