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Speed cameras added to I-95 construction zone in Newark, Delaware

Speed cameras added to work zone on I-95 in Newark, Delaware
Speed cameras added to work zone on I-95 in Newark, Delaware 00:30

NEWARK, Del. (CBS) -- You could get a ticket on I-95 in Delaware if you're not careful in the work zone, the Delaware Department of Transportation announced.

New speed cameras are being turned on in the construction zone on I-95 in the area of Route 896.

After a three-week warning period, tickets will start being issued on July 29, 2024.

You'll receive a ticket in the mail if you're going above the speed limit of 55 mph.

The tickets start at $20 plus an additional $1 for each mile-per-hour above the speed limit and other fees. A ticket for someone caught driving 66 mph would total $118, the state gave as an example.

"The I-95/896 interchange project is currently the largest infrastructure project in the state with hundreds of people working in the area. While there thankfully have not been any crashes that have injured workers, we continue to see too many crashes involving vehicles traveling through the work zone," Delaware Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski said in a statement.

The goal of the project is to reconfigure the interchange so I-95's traffic is less impacted by drivers merging onto or exiting the highway. More information is available on

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