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'We're Going To Keep Pressing On': South Philadelphia Safe Injection Site Opponents Not Letting Up Despite Safehouse Canceling Lease

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The controversy continues over the now-halted plans for a supervised safe injection site in South Philadelphia. The site's opponents say they are not letting up despite the facility not opening right now.

On Wednesday, Safehouse leaders announced they would open a safe injection site for addicts to use under medical supervision at Constitution Health Plaza on South Broad Street. They confirmed the location but remained tight-lipped on every other detail, including hours of operation and even the day it would open.

That sent local leaders and the community into a frenzy as word leaked out about the location and the fact that the site would open as soon as Monday.

Those frustrated included Councilman Mark Squilla, who was so open to considering the safe injection plan that he visited a site in Canada with Mayor Jim Kenney to evaluate the option.

Squilla was shocked when he heard news a deal with Safehouse was being made under the table without any community input.

"We are now going to start a process. Safehouse is still committed to doing a meeting on March 10, so hopefully they'll be able to give us that information of how these sites will run and what process would play," Squilla said.

The lack of information continued from Wednesday and all of Thursday, with area residents and politicians angry that they were not hearing any confirmed details about what was happening or what they could expect.

City Council promised future action in a hearing on Thursday, along with U.S. Attorney William McSwain filing a request for a stay in federal court.

But it was the announcement of Safehouse's lease cancellation on Thursday night that forced their plans to a halt.

"There's not going to be any dancing in City Hall. Right now, they're making deals trying to see where they can do this," said Anthony Giordano, with Stand Up South Philly and Take Back Our Streets. "We're going to keep pressing on if they try to move this anywhere in Philadelphia."

Safehouse has scheduled a community meeting for March 10.

Protesters say their fight is still not over. Stand Up South Philly will still rally in front of Constitution Health Plaza on Sunday at 3 p.m.

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