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SEPTA riders in Philadelphia react to video showing teens robbing woman on train

Philadelphia police looking for suspects in connection with robbery on SEPTA train in May
Philadelphia police looking for suspects in connection with robbery on SEPTA train in May 01:59

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police have released new surveillance video of a robbery that they say happened on a SEPTA train at 56th and Market streets in May.

In the video, investigators say, a group of teens forced a woman to stay on a train, took her phone, and then prevented her from chasing them.

CBS News Philadelphia caught up with riders who frequent SEPTA.

Kendall Swirles said for the most part she feels safe, but after hearing about this incident, she's a little nervous.

"Definitely, yeah, because a lot of the time the commute for me is going to work, and so I am alone and at weird times, so hearing something like that makes me a little more nervous," Swirles said.

Police said the robbery happened in the middle of the day, a time when many riders say they feel safer.

"Oh, I don't ride when it gets after dark. I stay in," one rider said.

"It definitely depends on where you are at kind of thing," said Alisha Wilson, from University City.

Some riders say when they do ride SEPTA, they try to never travel alone and they do their best to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

"If something is getting ready to happen or I don't feel comfortable I go to another car or get off and wait for another," one rider said.

SEPTA police have "adjusted patrols" in response to the robbery, spokesperson Andrew Busch said. 

"In addition, SEPTA police have been coordinating with [Philadelphia Police Department] on patterns of incidents involving juveniles. Investigators are hopeful that someone will recognize the individuals shown in the video and contact police," Busch said. 

In the end, riders said they are just trying to make it where they have to go safely.

"I mean, life is always a risk every day, it doesn't matter where you are. I can't stay in the same place all the time," said Julie Szymanski from West Philly.

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