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Woman Convicted In Center City Attack On Gay Couple Sentenced To Jail

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Bucks County woman convicted of taking part in a 2014 attack on a gay couple in Center City - the only one who went to trial - has been sentenced to 5-10-months in prison. Two co-defendants who admitted their roles were sentenced to probation, in plea arrangements worked out several months ago.

Prosecutor Michael Barry says the two defendants who admitted their guilt without going to trial spared the victims from testifying, but they had to take the stand during 25-year-old Kathryn Knott's trial. That's because he says she did not taken responsibility for her actions.

"As long as people were willing to admit their guilt, they're forgiving people, not vengeful, but Ms. Knott did not give us that."

Barry asked the judge to put her behind bars for 9-23-months.

Her defense lawyer, Louis Busico, once again told the judge he's sorry for the victims - it should not have happened - but he asked that Knott be given probation like the other two.

Barry says one of the victim's gave a victim impact statement at sentencing, saying not one person in Knott's group of 15 bothered to see if he was "conscious, breathing...or even alive."

"From the beginning, Andrew and Zachary were most struck that the group just walked away and left them."

The nine 9-1-1 calls came from other nearby bystanders.

The defense asked that Knott be able to voluntarily surrender, after getting her affairs in order, but the judge ordered sheriff's deputies to take her away immediately. With that, she began sobbing, as her mother, father, relatives and friends sat in the audience stunned.

During the trial, Knott took the stand in her own defense, insisting she never hit anyone and did not direct demeaning anti-gay slurs at the couple.

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