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Security Video Reveals Moments After Philadelphia Police Shot, Killed 12-Year-Old Thomas Siderio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Authorities continue to investigate after Philadelphia police officers shot and killed a 12-year-old. Eyewitness News is taking a closer look at home security video we obtained from the scene.

"Send me an ambulance, I'm bleeding," a police officer is heard saying.

Home security video captures the moments after the fatal police shooting of 12-year-old Thomas Siderio.

"He's shot, yeah, I shot him," an officer says.

"Where's the gun?" asks another.

"He threw it around there," the officer said.

Police would not verify who was speaking in the video.

Officers have said Siderio initially fired a stolen gun at an unmarked police vehicle before running. Officers then chased on foot.

The video may be a portion of a revealing conversation between two officers.

To verify what's being said, we took the video to Daniel Wurtzbacher, an audio engineer at MNYK Studios.

"There's often interference. Static road noise, a number of things that could cause issues," he said.

"This is the first time I've seen it," Robert Mongeluzzi said.

We brought the video to Mongeluzzi, the attorney for Siderio's mother.

"That's an admission that he saw the kid throw the gun," he said.

The video alone does not answer a major question, says Chip Gallagher of La Salle University's Criminal Justice Department.

"When he dropped the gun and when the officer fired at him is the question at hand," Gallagher said.

But police dispatch audio from the night of the shooting appears to reveal where police located a suspected firearm.

"We have a firearm at 1739," dispatch audio reveals.

Neighbors say they found Siderio's body lying on the ground near 1729 Barabra Street, about five houses away.

"Under police regulations, you cannot shoot a fleeing suspect whether they armed or not, if they are fleeing," Mongeluzzi said.

Both police and the district attorney say their investigations are still in progress. One of the four officers involved has been suspended with intent to dismiss.

There is no word if he will face charges.

Officials have not released their names, citing safety concerns.

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