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Security Closures Begin With DNC On Monday

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Security is tightening up in South Philadelphia ahead of the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

Starting Saturday at noon, several road closures went into effect through Friday. They include S. Broad Street from Packer Avenue down to the Navy Yard and the roadways surrounding the Wells Fargo Center and FDR Park.

Police officers stationed on corners and driveways chained off are par for the course in South Philadelphia's Sports Complex community.

"We're used to it, you learn to adjust, you have to," said Judy Cerrone, Sports Complex District 1 director. "Either you adjust or you move."

Cerrone and her neighbors are used to sharing their neighborhood with sports and music fans. They'll soon share it with an estimated 50,000 Democratic National Convention-goers at the Wells Fargo Center.

"Between Eagles games, Phillies games, concerts, the Broad Street Run," said Joe Genovese. "We've lived through that, we'll live through this."

Security for the convention is tight, with nearly 30 agencies, including the Secret Service, lending a hand to Philadelphia Police.

Troopers are on standby on I-95 to stop any trucks over five tons from traveling between exits 13 and 22 for the duration of the convention.

Back by the Sports Complex, police have already begun their 24-hour watch.

"Always have a cop on the corner, they wouldn't let you through unless you said, 'I'm going to visit my mother. Well what's your mother's name, what's this?'" said Connie Pasquerello.

Locals said they're prepared for numerous road closures in and around the stadium complex and FDR Park, but it's the visitors they worry about.

"It'll probably make it a little hassle, because they'll be other people in the neighborhood that won't know about where they're supposed to go and stuff and they'll slow down traffic," Genovese said.

In addition to all of the road closures, starting 8 a.m. Sunday, PPA will begin ticketing and towing cars that are parked in the median of S. Broad Street. Enforcement will will continue until 8 p.m. Friday. There will be no tow fee, but tickets will be $51 dollars. Cars will be towed to Philadelphia Parking Authority Impoundment Lot #2 at 2535 S. Swanson Street.

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