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Scooter Commuters React To PPA Parking Dispute

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- While the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) enforces scooter parking rules in Center City without offering enough parking spots, how should commuters get to work on Monday?

To solve the issue of scarce Center City scooter parking (see previous story), First District councilman Mark Squilla says there have been discussions with the PPA about allowing scooter owners to park in PPA lots for $5.00 per day:

"Hopefully the rates will be adjusted by Monday, but I'm not sure that every parking lot will be fully aware of these changes," he said.

The PPA hasn't confirmed this concession, and PPA spokesperson Martin O'Rourke did not immediately return phone calls to KYW Newsradio requesting an interview about the pressing scooter issue.

Meanwhile, parking problems have Vespa owners like Charles and Nicole Paloux considering putting their brand new scooter up for sale.

"Unfortunately, since that happened I haven't taken my Vespa out at all, so I don't drive it at all just to avoid the situation," Charles said. "With the Vespa, the idea is to use less of the car. They're doing everything they can to stop you from doing that."

Nicole added, "It's crazy that everything just feels like a restriction to function the way you want to function in your own city."

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