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Right To Work Battle In Pa.?

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - Several conservative lawmakers have introduced a package of bills to outlaw compulsory union membership, but the odds are against Pennsylvania becoming the next right-to-work battleground state.

As recently as December Governor Corbett said he did not see a strong appetite in the legislature for such a fight.

Warren County House Republican Kathy Rapp called out the governor on his remarks. "If Governor Corbett would step out, and our party leaders, and take the lead on this issue, Pennsylvania would be America's next right to work state."

Rapp joined other lawmakers in introducing bills that would end union membership and dues requirements as a condition of employment.

"There are many core conservatives in the General Assembly that possess this will to get this done."

But Franklin and Marshall College political analyst Terry Madonna agrees with the governor's assessment, particularly with regard to legislative leaders.

"Legislative leaders, I think, are not going to want to get involved a big controversy over right to work."

Madonna believes top lawmakers and Corbett do not want to add such a divisive issue to an agenda already crowded with controversial items such as liquor sale privatization and pension reform.

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