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Ed Rendell: John Kasich Is The Favorite To Win The PA Primary

Philadelphia (CBS) - Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell thinks Ohio Governor John Kasich should be the favorite for the Pennsylvania Primary heading into voting on April 26.

While Rendell thinks Donald Trump will eventually prevail to win the Republican nomination, he told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Pennsylvania will probably belong to Kasich.

"Right now, if I were to handicap the Pennsylvania primary, I would say John Kasich would be the slight favorite over Donald Trump. Not by much. Trump could still win but this is made for Kasich if he can get on the ballot. As you know there's a ballot challenge filed by the Rubio campaign."

On the Democratic side, Rendell believes Hillary Clinton has her party's nomination sewn up already.

"I think it's very likely. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders will stay in. He's got the money and he's got supporters in every state all the way up to California and New Jersey which are the last two states to vote. They vote the last Tuesday in June...I think Bernie Sanders has a right to stay in and he will but there's no conceivable pathway for him to catch her, even on pledged delegates, leaving the super delegates aside."

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