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Recently Demoted SRC Chairman Drops Hints At Possible Run For Mayor

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Bill Green -- who was demoted last week from Chairman of the School Reform Commission -- has changed his party affiliation, and that could open the door to an independent run for mayor this fall.

When Green became the chairman of the SRC in early 2014, he ruled out any run for mayor. Governor Wolf removed Green as chairman last week, though he remains on the commission. And now Green has changed his party affiliation from Democrat to independent, and he is talking openly about a return to politics:

"Certainly my commitment to the (School) District and (Superintendent) Bill Hite and his team was being the chair, and help leading the blocking and tackling to help them get done what they're doing. I still am passionate about that. I just felt like since I'm not in that position (of chair) perhaps I can be a bit more political."

Green, of course, is intentionally vague about his political aspirations, but he hints that a run for mayor could come depending on who wins the May 19th Democratic primary:

"I just wanted to leave all options open for the fall, and see what happens in the races coming up in May."

Green had been widely expected to run for mayor until his surprise appointment to the SRC in January of 2014. That position forced his resignation from his City Council at-large seat.

He's not the only possible independent candidate for mayor: Sam Katz also has changed his party to no affiliation, and clearly is mulling a run in November as well.

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