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Rand Paul On The Govt. Dealing With Ebola: 'It Adds To A Litany Of Things The President Has Let Us Down On'

By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the threat of Ebola and how the government is dealing with halting its spread to United States.

Paul said President Obama's handling of the crisis so far reflects poorly on Democrats running for re-election this fall.

"It adds to just a litany of things that the President has let us down on and failed to show leadership. So, I think it's one thing after another, it's not just one issue. The lack of leadership on Ebola, the equivocating, the downplaying, the underplaying, the, sort of, trying to calm everyone with really not being completely frank about the transmissibility of the disease, I think, doesn't help any of them at the polls."

He insisted that the government has allocated more than enough funding to confront a virus like Ebola and to keeps Americans safe.

"The waste that runs throughout [The National Institute of Health] is just appalling and for them to say they didn't have enough money when their budget has gone up 220 percent for epidemics is really just an insult to the taxpayer."

Paul also addressed the issue of poverty, saying Republicans have better solutions when it comes to helping the poor.

"We're right on a lot of the policies and their policies haven't worked for those who live in poverty, for those live in poverty, for those who are unemployed, they're policies aren't working. Black unemployment is still twice white unemployment. There's a lot of reasons for people to reconsider who they've been voting for but they won't do it unless Republicans show up, unless Republicans show we're concerned."

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