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Rain Gauge Will Tell You When To Water

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - 'Did you water the plants? No, it rained, so I didn't bother today.' I heard that a lot last week - and then we checked the rain gauge, which was almost bone dry.

Unless we get several hours of soaking rain and you were home when it happened, don't assume your plants got enough water from a short shower or storm. Since it's wasteful and expensive to water when you don't need to, it's just smart to get a rain gauge. It doesn't need to be digital or complicated, a glass or plastic gauge is all you need.

To measure when watering a lawn the first time, you can put out a few clear plastic cups in the grass to catch the sprinkler water – when they fill with an inch of water, you can turn off the hose. Then, water for that same number of minutes next time. Unless we get enough water from the sky…and to be sure of that, you'll need a rain gauge.

A few bucks spent on a basic rain gauge can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on lost plants and wasted water. And it's the only way to really know if you should turn on the hose today or let it go.

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