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Positively Philadelphia: '100 Things To Do In Philadelphia Before You Die'

By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The book is called "100 Things to Do in Philadelphia Before You Die," but it's much more than a guidebook for tourists. Author Irene Levy Baker says locals will find it interesting as well.

"One of my favorite tips in the book is how to get reservations at some of the trendiest restaurants. You don't have to know anybody special. You don't have to slip the maitre'd twenty bucks," said Baker, "Follow chefs and restaurants on social media, because when they get cancellations, the first thing they do is tweet or put up a Facebook status saying 'I have four reservations available Saturday at 7:45. First one to call gets them.'

"Ask about a waiting list. Very often, restaurants take waiting lists, and if someone cancels, they start calling their waiting list to fill those tables," Baker continued.

Irene Levy Baker
Author Irene Levy Baker. (credit: Irene Levy Baker)

There are also tips on making your not-easily-impressed teen impressed:

"One of my favorite places to take teenagers is the Mütter Museum. They can see slides of Albert Einstein's brain, or the skeleton of a giant. Take your teen on a Big Red Pedal tour. After you drop your teen off, you might want to come back for their pub tour in the evening, bicycling from bar to bar," explained Baker.

"This guide is for anyone who's ever said, 'What should we do this weekend?'"

The book is $16 and covers things for locals and visitors of all ages.


And, for this week, that's "Positively Philadelphia!"

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