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Poll: Tattoos Very Popular In New Jersey

By Carol Erickson

NEW JERSEY (CBS) – It seems like New Jersey is more than the Garden State -- it is the Tattoo State, too.

A Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows that 40 percent of the state's residents born after 1980 have tattoos. Looks like some of their parents might as well; a whopping 19 percent of all New Jersey residents have tattoos.

Let's get back to that younger inked skin now. The Pew Research center estimates that 40 percent of Americans between 18 and 40 sport some kind of permanent marking.

Since there are so many with tattoos, everyone must love people with body art, right? Not exactly. Twenty five percent of people say they think worse of people with tattoos, but that leaves 75 percent who claim not to care.

Don't have a tattoo yourself? You probably won't get one. Only 8 percent of people without tattoos plan to pull an Angelia Jolie or Chris Brown and mark up their skin.

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