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Bucks County Police Seeking Red Nissan In Probe Of January Home Invasion And Murder

By Brad Segall

HILLTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Authorities in Bucks County held a noontime press conference today to release new information surrounding a home invasion and murder in Hilltown Township last month.

Prosecutors say they are hoping that information they developed during the investigation into the murder of Joseph Canazaro will jog someone's memory and eventually lead them to the killers.

The 48-year-old businessman was killed by two armed men who burst into the Swartley Road home, tied up Canazaro, his girlfriend, and his son, and then ransacked the house.

The woman and the teenager managed to flee the house, but Canazaro was found dead in the garage (see related story).

Authorities say the assailants made off Canazaro's black Lincoln pickup truck with guns and cash from the house.  Review of nearby surveillance video shows the truck may have rendezvoused with a red Nissan sedan, perhaps a Maxima.  Now, police want to find that Nissan.

The video captures a second car pulling into a shopping center parking lot, at Route 313 and 309 in Quakertown.  That's where police found the stolen pickup.  Police say the video shows what they believe to be a 2004 to 2008 red Nissan Maxima which may have some discoloration on the right front fender.

Bucks County DA David Heckler hopes this can jog someone's memory.

"We really do hope that the public will be able to help us out," he said today.  "We'd much prefer to chase down wild geese than miss something that would be helpful to the investigation."

Heckler says the video shows the two vehicles next to each other for about ten minutes, with images of people who appear to be offloading things from the truck to the car.

Watch the Surveillance Video

Police believe Canazaro was targeted, but have not said whether they believe it the robbers intended to kill him or whether the planned heist went bad.

Police have been going over his financial records and say Canazaro was deeply in debt.

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