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Police Round Up Philadelphia Traffic Court Scofflaws

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Philadelphia police department's warrant unit conducted an overnight sweep throughout the city for offenders who owe the city thousands of dollars in traffic fines.

Warrant officers went door to door throughout the city rounding up suspects as part of a scofflaw sweep.

The offenders had skipped out on numerous hearings and had been no shows.

"These aren't people who have just missed yesterday. These are people who have just blatantly decided that they're not going to follow through with the tickets that they received while operating the vehicles that they were driving," Lt. Sam Turner of the warrant unit explained.

Officers said 32 suspects were taken into custody and are being held at the Traffic Court headquarters in Spring Garden pending hearings.

Lt. Turner said there are more raids planned following Monday's sweep.

Reported By Nicole Brewer, CBS 3; Al Novack, KYW Newsradio; Steve Beck,

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