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Police Investigating Attempted Luring Of 12-Year-Old Girl In Concord Township After She Got Off School Bus

GLEN MILLS, Pa. (CBS) -- A safety warning is being issued to parents from a Delaware County school district following a report of a man trying to lure a 12-year-old girl. Police say the incident happened on Rebeccas Lane, near Thornton Road, around 3 p.m. Tuesday in Concord Township.

Police, parents and bus drivers in the Garnet Valley School District are keeping their eyes peeled after a man tried to lure a Garnet Valley Middle School student moments after she walked off her school bus. The incident hits too close to home to Superintendent Dr. Marc Bertrando.

"As a father myself with a middle school student, you just can't imagine this happening to your daughter," Bertrando said.

State troopers say the man first showed the 12-year-old girl a sexually explicit video on his phone and then asked the victim if she would engage in sexual acts with him. Instead, she ran home.

"She did the right thing," Pennsylvania State Trooper Jessica Tobin said. "She didn't go with that male that tried to abduct her."

The suspect is described as a Hispanic or Asian man in his mid to late 40s, with short black hair, baseball cap and beard. He was driving a white or cream-colored sedan. The vehicle's make or model is not known.

Parents want the man caught.

"He's a horrible man and shouldn't be on the streets," Laura Bader said.

"Turn yourself in because there's a lot of people right now looking for you, know what your car looks like, know what you look like," Bertrando said.

Garnet Valley school officials also want parents to remind their kids it's never OK to talk with strangers and to never get into a car they're not familiar with.

Anyone with information about his incident can contact police at 484-840-1000.

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