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Nearly 18 Million People Undergo Plastic Surgery, Report Says

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The popularity of plastic surgery continues to grow, attracting almost 18 million people last year. More Americans than ever are trying to improve their looks and reshape their bodies. A new report says the popularity of Botox and breast implants continues to grow, but there is also a lot of interest in less invasive procedures.

Whether inspired by Jennifer Lopez or other gorgeous celebrities on the red carpet, or just hoping for a better you, more Americans are opting for plastic surgery.

"There's less shame to it than there was a couple of years ago," said Eva Kazan.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says last year, nearly 18 million people had plastic surgery.

That's nearly a quarter-million more than 2017.

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The report cites a fading stigma surrounding plastic surgery and the increasing availability of minimally-invasive procedures as possible reasons for the uptick.

Of the almost 16 million minimally invasive procedures performed in 2018, the most popular was Botox injections, there was almost 7.5 million procedures. The muscle-paralyzing treatment helps to ease wrinkle lines and injections of fillers to puff up creases was the second most popular.

For surgeries of the 2 million cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation was at the top of the list again, rising 4 percent from the previous year. Breast augmentation was followed by liposuction, the gold standard of body contouring to get rid of fat.

The top five list also included nose jobs, eyelid surgery, and tummy tucks.

There's also been a big increase in people getting noninvasive procedures like cool sculpting for targeted fat reduction and there are a variety of lasers that target collagen to smooth our skin for a more youthful appearance.

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