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Plant Some Bloomin' Blueberries

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - White spring flowers, blueberries in summer, red foliage for fall - American blueberries may be the most patriotic plant of all - besides being great for your eyes and tasty in pies.

Blueberries love full sun, acid soil, and benefit from added peat moss. If you plant two varieties you'll get more berries from both plants because they cross-pollinate.

While I've been planning where to put some and painfully procrastinating on which ones to plant, my friend Holly told me about her beautiful blueberry bush - she found it on sale at some home center a few years ago, stuck it in her not-that-sunny back yard between buildings in New York City and never tested her soil. Yet every summer since, she's had more and more fresh-picked blueberries.

So, this Memorial Day get yourself an American blueberry shrub already. Here's some info on care and planting:

Since many have flowered by now, you might find plants like I did the other day, loaded with ripening fruit. So I should have plenty for pie by the Fourth of July.

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