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Philly Vietnam Veterans Memorial hoping to raise more than $100k to fix vandalism, ongoing maintenance

Philly Vietnam Veterans Memorial hoping to raise $100k plus to fix vandalism, ongoing maintenance
Philly Vietnam Veterans Memorial hoping to raise $100k plus to fix vandalism, ongoing maintenance 01:54

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- More than 600 names of those who lost their lives during the war are engraved on the walls of the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial. But if you take a closer look at the top of the walls, you'll notice something is missing. 


"People were very upset at the vandalism," said Sandy Bukowski, who works on the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Board of Directors. 

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About a month ago, those on the memorial's board say about 20 metal fixtures -- meant to stop skateboarders -- were pried off from a number of areas throughout the site. 

Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial vandalized 02:04

"They really had to work to get these things off too. There's like 20 or 30 of them they dug out. That's a lot of energy," Bukowski said. 

Organizers are hoping to raise about $30,000 to fix the vandalism, while also raising an additional $80,000 for ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

"One of the main mottos of this memorial is that it is our duty to remember. And it is our duty to remember, and we reflect that way and keep it the way it should be," said Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vice President Dennis Best. 


Best is one of the people working to preserve the grounds. The Marine Corps veteran was wounded in the Vietnam War when his platoon was hit by an explosive device.

"There was 23 out of 31 men that were hit and seven of them were killed and three of us became amputees. And thank God things were good and I rehabbed at Philadelphia Naval Hospital," he said. 

Best said the vandalism disrespects the sacrifices made by those he fought alongside while serving our country. 

However, with the help of donations, raffles and the sale of merchandise, the hope is that work can begin soon and the memorial will be fully restored. 

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