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Philadelphia Youth Football Coach Shoots Another Coach In Stands Of Football Field Near Temple University, Police Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- We're learning new details about what led up to a shooting in the stands at a football field near Temple University where children were out practicing. On Monday, police revealed the suspect is a coach for a youth football team in Philly.

Cellphone video captured the moments a man opens fire and hits two other men in the stands of a football field as 7-year-old children were having a rec football practice.

The shooting happened at 11th Street and Cecil B Moore Avenue, near Temple University in North Philadelphia Friday evening.

The shooting alarmed Temple students just ahead of finals week.

"It was just several gunshots in a row. It's like fireworks, but they don't echo as much," Temple sophomore Cody Johnson.

"It does make me a little bit scared," sophomore Alex Angelopoulos said.

Philadelphia police said Monday officers identified the gunman as a coach for the Blackhawks youth football team but no arrests have been made. Police add one of the two victims is also a coach, but the other men involved are not cooperating.

Officers also say moments before the shooting, two of the men were arguing over a woman.

"It's extremely disturbing," Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said.

Krasner described the impact witnessing a shooting may leave on children.

"The effect is that people are desensitized to it. It seems normal that there are gunshots are going on and that is not how our youth should be living. It is not how they should be growing up," Krasner said.

Meantime, Temple students want the gun violence near campus to end.

"It was definitely shocking. It was daylight, it's not what I would expect because there were a ton of people out," Johnson said.

St. Joseph's Prep's high school lacrosse team was also practicing on the field.

Temple University's police union says St. Joe's Prep told them they will no longer be practicing at the field for the time being.

For a list of gun violence resources in Philadelphia, click here.

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