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Philadelphians Look To Beat Oppressive Heat With Cold Brews And Air Conditioning

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- On this steamy Friday night, some people were eager to get out and have a good time, but not outside. So they found their own way to beat the heat.

"It just came down to like the heatwave is just too much for us to handle. We wanted to have beers inside," one man said.

"It's really hot outside. I couldn't even believe sitting outside," Bob Fred said.

The summer scorcher was too hot to handle in Philadelphia. Outdoor seating was nearly empty on Samson Street in the city.

Eyewitness News caught up with people beating the heat in breweries.

"We are finding people drink a lot of beer during the heatwave," president and founder of Yards Brewing Company Tom Kehoe said.

He says the majority of guests chose to take advantage of the air conditioning.

"I think people have really gotten used to being outside, it's just with the oppressive heat people want to get inside and get a little air," Kehoe said.

"It was to the point where it was almost hard to breathe, so we figured we'd come inside, get some cool air, enjoy a flight or two and leave it outside," Yusuf Abdullah said.

That's where Eyewitness News found this group, outside embracing the hot temperatures.

"Without the fans, it would be probably impossible to be out here," Matt Lupini said.

At Dock Street Brewery, their patio is normally packed, but on Friday they were dealing with a rush inside.

"We are having to pump the AC real high and make sure that everybody's comfortable," Maria Bernardo said.

They have plenty of beers on tap, but customers had another beverage on their minds, too.

"Going through tons of water for a brewery, which is silly," Bernardo said.

Everyone is staying hydrated and waiting for the cooler weather to roll in.

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