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Philadelphia Police Officers Talk With Rich Zeoli About Saving A Child

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Three Philadelphia Police Officers, Jeremy Elliot, Daniel Williams and Gerry Wolford, spoke with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about saving a child following an emergency call.

Elliot said he knew quick action was needed upon his arrival at the scene.


"We knew right away when the radio call came out that it was a one-year-old who was unresponsive. I was the first one on location. When I got there, the child, Jason, was being held by his father, James, and, initially, as soon as I pulled up I could tell it was a bad situation. Jason had gone completely limp in his dad's arms. So, when I got up on to the front porch, I took Jason out of his dad's arms and stepped into the house so I could put him down and evaluate him and determine at that point that he wasn't breathing. Followed right behind me was Officer Wolford and Officer Williams, Dan and Gerry. Gerry determined that the kid did have a pulse, so while his heart was still beating, I began to do rescue breathing to try and get him to come around a little bit, while we were waiting on fire board and fire rescue."

Williams stated he was determined to do everything necessary at that point to save the boy.

"You just block everything out and try to do your job. At the time, we just knew it was a bad situation. We knew every second counted at that point. The child wasn't breathing at all when we got there."

Wolford said they were able to get him breathing again and get him the help he needed.

"I was determined to get a heartbeat. I was doing rescue breaths. We started preparing for fire board to come. I went over radio, letting them know to expedite rescue. That was that. They got there after the kid got his breath back and they administered oxygen to him."

Elliot added the cause of the emergency stems from chronic breathing issues.

"I spoke to the mom while they were in the hospital and since they've been out of the hospital. What they're saying is it's just a really severe case of asthma. Just prior to the incident, he has actually just gotten out of a four or five day hospital stay for the same problem, for congestion in his air ways and difficulty breathing."

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