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Philadelphia Officials Making Plans To Keep People Safe As Dangerous Heat Moves Into Region

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- After spending Monday staying dry, Philadelphia residents will not have to figure out ways to stay cool as dangerous heat moves into the region. The Philadelphia Department of Health has declared a heat caution alert that will begin at noon on Tuesday and end at 8 p.m.

A heat caution alert is different from a heat health emergency. The heat health emergency would active the city's cooling centers.

The City of Philadelphia and area leaders are making plans to keep people safe.

The Office of Homeless Services will hand out water to those on the streets and encourage people to head indoors and State Rep. Amen Brown crammed and stacked as much water as he could inside his mobile office.

"We focus on the seniors because if there is a heatwave, I can't expect them to be walking down the street," Brown said.

"It is helpful. It saved me from going to the store and getting it," one woman said.

Brown drove around West Philly and personally delivered the water to seniors so they are prepared for the rising temperatures.

"It's important because we are seniors," one woman said. "I might not look like a senior, but we are seniors, OK."

"A lot of times the seniors, we don't get taken care of like this, so this is awesome," one woman said.

"I am very happy for the seniors in the building. I know they will be very happy," said.

Dave Schrader, NRG Communication Senior Manager, says the goal during a heatwave is to find the balance between conserving energy and staying comfortable in your home.

Schrader says some tips include adjusting your thermostat, checking air filters, closing your blinds, sealing up any openings in your house, doing bigger loads of laundry and using smaller appliances.

He says collectively these tips will make a difference.

"The more people who use energy, the more taxing it can be to the energy system, to the electrical system," Schrader said. "So you want to do your part and you don't want to overuse. It helps your neighbor, it helps you."

For some other tips on how to stay cool, click here.

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