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EXCLUSIVE: Philadelphia Anti-Drug Anti Violence Network Employee Antonio Jardine Wanted For Shooting Inside Bar

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- An Eyewitness News exclusive. Philadelphia police are looking for a suspect accused of opening fire at a bar, but police say he's no ordinary suspect.

Authorities believe he was on duty at the time for an organization working to combat shootings and crime.

Police say 51-year-old Antonio Jardine was working that night for the Philadelphia Anti-Drug Anti Violence Network. Investigators say he was inside the bar when a fight broke out when he went for his weapon.

In the end, two people were hit and Jardine allegedly fled in a van belonging to the network.

On the job supposedly fighting Philadelphia's gun surge and literally on the clock for an anti-violence agency, police say a man identified as Jardine opened fire inside a Strawberry Mansion bar. It was April 30.

"We believe, again, this is a domestic argument between two individuals and the person he's arguing with pulls out a gun. He then pulls out his gun and the two shoot it out and obviously, Mr. Jardine flees the scene, he's currently a fugitive," Philadelphia Police Capt. John Walker said.

Jardine is from South Philadelphia, in the area of Moore and Ringold Streets.

Police say he fled the area following the shooting only after returning a Philadelphia Anti-Drug Anti Violence van he had been operating that night before stopping at the bar.

George Mosee, a former prosecutor and now executive director of the anti-violence agency, said he was outraged hearing reports from police that one of his own was responsible for shooting multiple people.

Jardine was employed as a community crisis intervention program advocate.

"I was informed that an employee of the Philadelphia Anti-Drug Anti-Violence Network was involved in a shooting that resulted in three people being wounded. It's completely repugnant to everything that we stand for," Mosee said.

Mosee said Jardine was terminated immediately.

A warrant is now out for his arrest.

"We are imploring this former employee to turn himself in. We want to make sure that he does things from this point forward the right way," Mosee said.

Philadelphia police say Jardine has an extensive criminal history. The warrant for his arrest is on a charge of aggravated assault.

For a list of gun violence resources in Philadelphia, click here.

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