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People, Planet & Profit: Female Restaurateur's Triple Bottom-Line Grows Positivity

This edition of the Starter's Review features restaurateur and founder of HipCityVeg, Nicole Marquis. HipCityVeg, a 100% plant-based, fast-casual food chain located in Philadelphia and Washington D.C., is just one of Marquis' culinary ventures. Her other establishments include Bar Bombón and Charlie Was A Sinner, both in Philadelphia.

During this interview, Marquis discusses her passion for healthy, positive lifestyles, and how it lead her to the competitive business of operating restaurants. She believes keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity helps you "keep your eye on the big picture" and create positive company culture. This tactic of leading by example inspires those working around you to have a similar state of mind.

As Marquis points out, "When you live a healthy lifestyle, you feel good and you have more energy. That's definitely good for business; because in business, you have to have the energy. You have to feel good."

Drexel's Starter's Review - Nicole Marquis

Of course in business, you need more than a healthy lifestyle to succeed. Marquis speaks about the level of discipline that goes into running a business. She advises young entrepreneurs to plan. "I am a huge advocate of writing a business plan, I think it's important to write things down. When you take (your idea) out of your mind and put it on paper, it becomes real."

Watch Dr. Donna DeCarolis and Nicole Marquis discuss social entrepreneurship, passion for your work, and how a healthy lifestyle can positively affect your business in this edition of Starter's Review.

- Sarah Temple, Communications, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship

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