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Pennsylvania Primary: Philadelphia's District Attorney Race Highlights Election Day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Pennsylvania primary election is tomorrow. One Philadelphia primary is attracting a lot of attention.

Tuesday's primary will look different than last year's, which included presidential candidates. This year, turnout is expected to be lower.

But officials say making sure the election is secure is still the top priority.

"It's important that everybody gets out to vote," Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley said.

Philadelphia's Election Task Force is preparing for a safe primary on Tuesday, with staff ready to investigate any potential election violations.

"Electioneering is a big issue we frequently see pop up. That means campaigning too close to the polling place," said Andrew Wellbrock, with the Philadelphia Election Task Force.

The race for the Democratic nominee for district attorney is expected to be the most hotly contested in Philadelphia between former prosecutor Carlos Vega and incumbent Larry Krasner.

"Let's make sure Larry Krasner is reelected," said Rev. Clarence Wright with Love Zion Baptist Church.

The Philadelphia Black Clergy is urging people to get to the polls Tuesday and vote for Krasner, saying he's fighting for social justice.

"Let's move forward, and not backwards. Let's not regress, let's progress," Rev. Wright said.

Vega has the support of the city's police union and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who last week noted the city's alarming murder rate under the incumbent.

"The horrible increase in gun violence is seemingly going unchecked," Rendell said.

Meantime, the city's Election Task Force is part of the district attorney's office. Since the incumbent, Krasner, is running for office, officials in Harrisburg are now stepping in, in case of any potential conflict in the DA race.

"Any complaint that comes into our task force involving a complaint about the district attorney's race or the campaign specifically is going to get referred over to the Attorney General's Office," Wellbrock said.

"We're confident Philadelphians are going to come out and we're gonna be able to make sure that they can do that," Deeley said.

Philadelphia leaders say they are still looking for poll workers.

In Philadelphia, voters are encouraged to wear masks at all times when waiting in line and inside the polling site.

Voters who cannot wear masks or who refuse to wear masks, or who report symptoms but refuse voting alternatives, must maintain spacing of at least 6 feet from all others at all times while inside the polling place or while waiting outside the polling place.

For all the information you need to know before you head to the polls, click here.

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