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PennDOT Gearing Up For This Afternoon's Expected Snow

By Mike DeNardo

(CBS) -- Crews from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation have been working extra hours today to prepare for this evening's snowfall.

Penndot workers are on 12-hour shifts for this storm -- first to pretreat the road surfaces with brine, and then to salt and plow.

Penndot assistant district executive John Krafczyk (photo below) notes that a snowfall during the afternoon rush hour makes it more difficult for his crews to do their jobs.

"You get on routes like the Schuylkill Expressway and the Blue Route, we're pretty much at a crawl -- that's about the rate we can spread salt.  We can't go out ahead of everybody.  We have to go with the flow," he tells KYW Newsradio.


Krafczyk_John penndot _denardo
(Penndot assistant district executive John Krafczyk. Photo by Mike DeNardo)


"In addition, during those times you see a little bit more aggressive driving actions -- people trying to pass our trucks, which doesn't help us.  So all that plays into making our job more difficult to get salt on the roadway."

Krafczyk says that with another storm possible this weekend, crews will continue on 12-hour shifts for the time being.

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