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PECO Recognizes La Salle's Efforts To Go Green With $300K

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - La Salle University's efforts to go green were recognized by PECO Friday morning.

The energy provider presented the school with a big check for its participation in the Smart Ideas program.

La Salle has converted many of its old HVAC systems to new, energy-efficient models. That combined with replacing old light bulbs with CFL bulbs will help save the school 20-percent on energy bills.

La Salle president Colleen Hanycz says the $300,000 from PECO check is an added bonus:

"I put a challenge out to all my colleagues and my peers at the other Philadelphia schools to look seriously as to what we are doing for the environment."

PECO's Ben Armstrong says La Salle's reduced energy consumption will have a big impact:

"The amount of energy that the university will save each year is the same as taking 300 cars off the road."

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