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Pa. Shop Offers Discount -- But Only To Women!

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (CBS) – A Pennsylvania shop is offering a discount, but only to women.

The store, which is located in Pittsburgh, offers ceramics, textiles, art prints and stationery.

Women get a 24 percent discount on everything; men, however, pay full price.

The store owner says that since men make more, they should also pay more.

"I feel kind of weird that I have to go into a store and pay more than somebody else might, but then I think of so many other occasions when the opposite is true," one male shopper said.

"I love the items for one thing, but the concept, the whole idea behind it, it's great. It sends a really good message," a female shopper said.

The items in the store are also made by women – many of them local artists.

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