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Pa. City Ranks 'Most Hungover' In America

By Chelsea Karnash

SCRANTON, Pa. (CBS) – Ah, the New Year. Maybe you started it off with a healthy meal and a run, or a trip to the gym.

If so, consider yourself ahead of the game. Because for many others, 2014 started off with a pounding headache, intense nausea and a desire to gorge on greasy food then sleep the first day of the new year away.

In other words, a really bad hangover.

Now, Business Insider has ranked the 25 "Most Hungover Cities in America," and surprisingly, Scranton, Pa. tops the list.

While most don't think of the Scranton as party central, with a score of 85.68 on the BI hangover scale, the Lackawanna County metropolis definitely earned its first place spot, beating out other cities like snowy Burlington, Vermont and never-heard-of-it-before Casper, Wyoming. Even Milwaukee and other cold Midwestern cities like Fargo, Minnesota and Sioux City, Iowa couldn't compete with Scranton, where 21.4% admitted to binge drinking and there were 27 bars and 18 beer/wine/liquor stores per 100,000 people.

And Scranton isn't the only Pennsylvania city on the list. Pittsburgh came in fourth, with a score of 82.58.

BI says it came up with its "Hangover Index" scores using data from the CDC on binge drinking, as well as data from the Census Bureau on bars, liquor stores and breweries per person.

So if you still aren't feeling so hot, you can always console yourself with the fact that people in Scranton may have it much, much worse.

To see the rankings, click here.

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