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Nova' Nation Welcomes Wildcats Back To Campus

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The boys are back in town! The Villanova men's basketball team returned to campus Sunday after their big win last night over Kansas.

Dozen gathered at the Davis Center to give a spirited welcome back to the Villanova men's basketball team. Coach Jay Wright says their win over Kansas was very memorable.

"It was a thrill, from the basketball side of it, to be part of a game like that, a great college basketball game, incredible atmosphere,' coach Jay Wright said.

He said it was crazy during the game, but after, it was a family affair.

"We came back to the hotel, huge reception, and they were great with their fans, but they really wanted to get with their families, ya know they really wanted to spend time with their families," he said.

(Photo credit: KYW's Kristen Johanson)

Alum Chris Massaro came out with his family to congratulate the team.

"We've followed it all year, my kids are in it now, so it's pretty cool," he said.

Massaro was a freshman when the Wildcats won the tournament in 1985.

"It's kind of a different feeling this time because they were number one during the year. In '85, they were such an underdog, but it was incredible."

1993 Villanova alum Doug Sweeney visited the campus after Easter Mass this morning, still recovering from a long night of cheering.

"It's crazy, I'm hoarse.  I wish I could have been there, but watching it at home with the kids was fun," he said.

Player Ryan Arcidiacono was welcomed by kids of all ages asking for his autograph.

"It's awesome, any time you come back from anywhere, you know Nova' nations going to be out in full force," senior guard said.

And he says he's ready for Saturday against Oklahoma.

"We're not done yet."

(Photo credit: KYW's Kristen Johanson)
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