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South Jersey Congressman Hears Frank Talk From Students In Wake Of Florida School Shooting

GLOUCESTER COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) -- Students, staff, counselors and law enforcement representatives sat down with South Jersey Congressman Donald Norcross on Wednesday for a roundtable conversation on the impact of the Florida school massacre.

Daniel Walker, president of the senior class at Highland Regional High School in Gloucester Township, says the Parkland shooting has awakened his classmates to unite against a threat.

"I shouldn't have to come to school and have to worry about being shot one day," Walker said. "It should be me going to school to worry about my future, and I think that's the whole point of this movement."

Norcross spent an hour gathering input and concluded there needs to be greater attention to one particular concern.

"The one issue that we came around to today is that the mental health needs to be a stronger system," Norcross said.

As for the notion of arming teachers, Norcross says that idea fell flat.

"There was zero support," he said. "In fact, just the opposite."

The Highland students are planning additional events in the coming weeks and will send a contingent to the national student march in Washington on March 24.

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