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Local Non-Profit Helps Job Seekers Perfect Their Online Image

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn provide a new opportunity for individuals to help or hurt their professional image. The Career Wardrobe held an event for women called "Work it!" dedicated to perfecting your online image.

For two decades, Career Wardrobe has been helping women make a good first impression at job interviews. But with the changing job market, your first impression could be your social media accounts.

Sheri Cole, Executive Director of Career Wardrobe, says it's important to use your networks both in person and online.

"It's very important in today's world when you're job searching that you not only look presentable and look professional and feel great in your interview but that you also have a great online presence as well," said Cole.

The attendees received a makeover, one-on-one networking instructions, a professional headshot, and assistance in creating or updating a LinkedIn profile.

"A lot of the job search today is done completely electronically. You send someone your resume via email, they look you up on LinkedIn, they see where you've worked before, and they see who you know."

Kalia Anderson from West Philadelphia was one of the participants.

"I do want to utilize the photo that I'm going to get today for my LinkedIn profile, I think that that will attract more employers when they see your resume but there is also a face attached to it," said Anderson.

The day ended with a networking event for the attendees to show off their newly developed skills.

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